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"Hiking to the top of a mountain or scenic view with a full picnic basket and an IPod-dock playing old school RnB he says of his ultimate date.While Becca, 28, can't currently reveal anything about her mystery beau, fans and spoiler bloggers alike have been speculating for some time now about which of her suitors will be chosen in the end.Another favourite is Sydney builder, charlie. .Why He Might Completely Fall Apart: Becca is a noted Hillary Clinton supporter and loves Joe Biden so much she has a shirt hoping hell run in 2020.Why He Might Completely Fall Apart: Becca had to watch him walk over this faithfull the brand discount code 2017 hill, which is hard to get over (literally).And much like high schoolers, they spent the majority of their date making out, learning about Poe and hanging out with his homeboys.After meeting their friends and family and enjoying a unique date in each city, Becca will have to send trails end prizes 2016 one man home before jetting off to a picturesque location with her final three.He also boasts the pushed back hair of Aaron Samuels and the type of square chin that makes him look like a Ken doll aspiring to be.I.Yrigoyen fits right into brigitte win rate this category, as he also was Kufrins recipient of the first impression rose and got to kiss her first this season.Becca will then have to pick between Garrett and Blake.ABC/Craig Sjodin Name: Colton Rank: 2 Rank Last Week: 1 Reason for Ranking: Athletes are always popular on The Bachelorette (just ignore the fact that Colton never actually suited up for a Chargers game).They really get along well from the beginning.I feel like I finally found my missing puzzle piece.
On this episode, the gang ventured to Richmond, Virginia, because apparently theyre operating on a shoestring budget this season.
Then, the whole squad came through to meet with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, who at this point are more eligible than they are.