who will win warriors or rockets

After all, the two my gift poem were famously traded for each other back in 2011, so it would be nice if Perkins, who was retired back in February, had at least one more moment to shine in the NBA.
The Simmons-Embiid axis should be the backbone of the leagues next great team, and the offseason will give them time to find what they need: a big-name free agent (hello, Paul George) and Ben Simmonss jump shot.
HF, how about two?
If the Warriors have a weakness they can be beaten on the boards which means Tristan Thompson, Jeff Green and Kevin Love (if healthy) need to rebound.The Warriors rookie who stepped up in the Rockets series could make the difference on defense.Answers, the Warriors are playing Cleveland right now, not the Rockets.When Durants MVP is announced people will still be upset even some Warriors fans who still feel irritated that this is no longer solely Currys team.When thinking about who poses the largest potential threat to the Golden State Warriors, the style of play is a very important factor to consider, and the fact is that they play a very similar style as the Rockets.In the absence of Iguodala, the young forward did an outstanding job marking James Harden in Games 6 and 7 of the Western Conference finals, disrupting the Rockets screen-and-roll and throwing their star off his rhythm.AT Next years finals will be between Where will LeBron be?Hell lead the Warriors in all major statistical categories but, for whatever reason, hell fail to have any truly memorable games.The Warriors struggled when Durant played iso ball and had too many turnovers when trying to rush the lane.AT, unheralded player to watch.The NBA Playoffs are in full tilt, and the action is as intense as any of us could have expected.Its tough to imagine the Warriors juggernaut slowing down next season, and as for the Sixers.At least those who are unhappy can take solace: this is probably the last Golden State-Cleveland finals for quite some time.
The answer will probably shock you.