Here is how you can configure Synaptics TouchPad (Pointing Device) settings.
Press 0 to start selecting or dragging - this is the same as holding down the mouse button.In Virtual Scrolling section, you can enable coasting which lets you scroll easily through long documents without the need of pressing and holding the touch pad.If you instead want to use the number pad for navigation and for the Insert and Delete keys, click ' On '.Step 4: Select and drag Move the cursor to the starting point of the area you want to highlight, or place it on the item you want to drag.You can adjust touch sensitivity in Sensitivity section as shown in screen-shot below.Note : The video shows how to set up your keyboard to control the mouse in Windows Vista, however it is identical to the steps for Windows.In the Mouse Settings, click on Device Settings tab and then b dubs gift card balance check the radio button Remove tray icon from taskbar.To use the keyboard shortcut to turn Mouse Keys on and off, tick the box next to turn on Mouse Keys with left ALT left shift NUM lock ' by clicking on it, or press Alt K to tick.Turning ClickLock ON lets you highlight or drag without the need of holding down the mouse button.Step 2: Click the mouse Before you can click the mouse using the number pad, you need to let it know what type of click you want to make.B) Configure Synaptics Device Settings, you can access Device settings by clicking on Device Settings tab as shown in screen-shot below.Tick the box next to ' Display the Mouse Keys icon on the taskbar ' by clicking on it, or press Alt Y to tick.(Note that if you have your mouse set up for left-handed use, the primary and secondary buttons will also be reversed on the number pad.) Once you have selected a click type, press 5 to click the mouse.Then tick the box next to ' Make a sound when turning a setting on or off ' by clicking on it, or press Alt U to tick.Laptop users most often have to use built-in touchpad for using the laptop on the.Open the 'Ease of Access Center' window by pressing the.Alternatively, press Tab until the slider is highlighted and then use the arrow keys to move the slider to the maximum speed you want.Many people who cannot use a standard mouse find this the easiest option, rather than using an alternative input device such as a head-mouse or joystick.Introduction to the Ease of Access Center.
Press 1, 3, 7 and 9 to move diagonally.
For more information, read the.