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163 In 2006, Time magazine ranked him as one of the baby shower prize ideas for guests top 12 business win 8 network settings leaders, including him among "60 years of Asian Heroes." 164 In 2008, Yunus was voted 2nd on the list of Top 100 Public Intellectuals in an open online poll conducted.
Ministry of Finance of the Government of Bangladesh.49 Yunus was named among the most desired thinkers the world should listen to by the FP 100 (world's most influential elite) in the December 2009 issue of Foreign Policy magazine.Archived from the original (asp) on Retrieved 2 September 2007.This years prize gives highest honour and dignity to the hundreds of millions of women all around the world who struggle every day to make a living and bring hope for a better life for their children.Ladies and Gentlemen: By giving us this prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has given important support to the proposition that peace is inextricably linked to poverty.Retrieved "Yunus not willing to be caretaker chief".By giving their institution the most prestigious prize in the world, you give them unparalleled honour.It will continue to expand until all malnourished children of Bangladesh are reached with this yogurt.Retrieved "Removal of Muhammad Yunus and the impact on the poor ONE".Archived from the original on 29 September 2007.There are now 85,000 beggars in the program.Grameen Phone has more than 10 million subscribers, and is the largest mobile phone company in the country.Many of the worlds problems exist because of this restriction on the players of free-market.For other people with similar names, see.16 In the late 1980s, Grameen started to diversify by attending to underutilized fishing ponds and irrigation pumps like deep tube wells.He received the United States.We are working towards that goal.
15 After observing the famine of 1974, he became involved in poverty reduction and established a rural economic program as a research project.
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Deposits and own resources of Grameen Bank today amount to 143 per cent of all outstanding loans.
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